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    The Polish authorities have announced that since June 19, passengers arriving from the United States via international airports have been permitted entry to the country, provided that they present a negative COVID-19 test result.

    Following the announcement of the Polish Government, besides the US, arrivals from the following nine other countries will also be allowed to enter Poland’s territory under the same conditions:

    New Zealand
    South Korea
    The Government highlights that the tests are not financed by public funds, meaning that everyone has to cover their own testing expenses, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

    Except for the countries mentioned above, the following categories are allowed to enter Poland, as follows:

    Legal residents of Poland
    Foreigners who are close family members of Polish legal residents, such as husbands, wives, and children
    Persons holding a Polish Card, also known as ‘Karta Polaka’
    Foreigners holding a permanent or temporary residence permit and those who have a work permit of Poland
    Persons studying in Poland
    Citizens of European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries, European Union Member States, and Switzerland along with their immediate family members
    Citizens of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, and Belarus and their immediate family members
    In contrast, all persons travelling to Poland from a non-Schengen Area country must stay self-isolated when entering the country.

    Nonetheless, the quarantine requirement does not apply to the following groups of people:

    Persons who have been fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 vaccine with one of the vaccines approved in the European Union
    Persons who provide a negative Coronavirus test result that needs to be carried out at the airport before passport control
    Children under the age of 12 travelling together with their parents who have been vaccinated against the virus or present a negative test result
    In addition, persons who are required to stay self-isolated are allowed to skip their isolation if they obtain a negative test result within 48 hours after crossing the border.

    “Persons who quarantine and receive a negative test result within the first 48 hours after crossing the border are then released from quarantine (this option applies to travellers who have obtained a positive test result at the airport upon arrival in Poland or have not been tested at the airport),” Government’s statement reads.

    Transit through Poland’s territory is also possible without additional restrictions if travellers transit through the Chopin Airport in Warsaw, their travel route includes direct arrival from the United States or any other third country to the same airports, they do not leave the airport until their next flight, and if their final destination is a third country.

    Poland Permits Entry for Arrivals From US & 9 Other Third Countries

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